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Everyone is unique. Each person has their own experiences in the past, perceptions about the present and outlooks on the future. Everyone also has their own reasons for abusing substances and developing an addiction.

Because everyone is different, your treatment plan may look different than the next person’s. And, in order for your treatment to be effective, the therapies and services you receive must be custom-tailored to match your unique needs. Our team at Arise Treatment Center understands just how important personalized care is for your recovery.

One-on-one therapy sessions provide your primary therapist with an opportunity to get to know you personally, monitor the changes you make during treatment, and adjust your treatment plan accordingly. These private, confidential sessions also guarantee you a safe, compassionate space for healing.

The Importance of Individual Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Nearly every addiction treatment therapy can be facilitated in a group or individual setting. However, a well-rounded recovery program will involve both group and individual therapy. Individual therapy, or one on one therapy, is a private counseling appointment between you and your primary therapist.

These confidential sessions provide you the opportunity to discuss uncomfortable emotions, thoughts, or behaviors with a professional without having to worry about judgment and rejection from peers. Your therapist is someone who can provide you with expert feedback and guidance while also showing you how to navigate painful emotions or situations in a positive way.

What to Expect During One on One Addiction Therapy

While much of your time spent in treatment is spent in groups because groups allow you to develop sober relationships, improve your social skills, and learn from others where you will also have one on one sessions on a regular basis.

During your first few sessions, the focus will be on getting to know you, learning about your situation, and establishing a trustful relationship. Cultivating a trusting, compassionate relationship with your therapist is vital because it will allow you to make the most of your therapy sessions.

Once your relationship is established and your therapist has an understanding of your needs, he or she will guide you through a series of discussions and exercises to help you uncover and overcome the root causes of your addiction. You may explore various topics with your therapist ranging from mental health, trauma, and substance abuse to a range of psychosocial issues. Your therapist will also help you identify areas of your life that need improvement so you can develop a plan to continue growing in your recovery. Throughout this course of treatment, your therapist will be continuously re-evaluating your situation and your progress so he or she can modify your treatment plan according to your evolving needs.

The Benefits of Individual Substance Abuse Counseling

Individual therapy is a crucial component of addiction treatment and can offer you many advantages. These confidential, private sessions can:

  • Promote a highly-individualized experience
  • Increase your self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Diagnose and treat co-occurring mental health conditions
  • Encourage positive behavior change
  • Provide you a safe space to discuss painful or traumatic experiences
  • Help you create a relapse prevention plan

The level of personalized attention you receive during one on one therapy allows you to get to the underlying causes of your addiction much faster than in a group setting, which can ultimately lead to a faster, easier recovery.

One on One Drug and Alcohol Counseling at Arise Addiction Treatment Center

The team at Arise Addiction Treatment Center is wholly dedicated to providing each and every client with an individualized treatment plan that meets their unique needs. While your treatment with us is determined in your initial evaluation, we know that your needs may change during rehab as you grow in your recovery and begin to uncover the root causes of your addiction. That’s why our regular one-on-one therapy sessions aim to monitor your progress and modify your treatment plan accordingly.

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