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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), relapse is a normal part of recovery for many people. Between 40-60% of people who seek substance abuse treatment relapse at some point in their recovery. However, just because relapse is common doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. Relapse can actually be life-threatening because your tolerance is lower after a period of sobriety, making you more susceptible to an overdose.

The staff at Arise Treatment Center is dedicated to providing you with individually-tailored services that reduce your risk of relapse and increase your ability to navigate life in sobriety. One of the most valuable therapies we use to accomplish this important goal is known as relapse prevention therapy.

What is Relapse Prevention Therapy?

Relapse prevention therapy is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) that aims to prevent drug and alcohol relapse. It does so by helping you identify triggers, anticipate cravings, and recognize the signs of relapse before you actually pick up a drink or a drug. This approach will also help you develop an actionable relapse prevention plan that you can put into action when you are faced with a circumstance where relapse becomes likely.

Relapse prevention therapy also teaches you how to put your relapse into a healthy perspective. It is normal for people in recovery to beat themselves up and feel guilty or ashamed after a relapse, but relapse is nothing to be ashamed of–it’s actually an opportunity for you to grow.

Relapse happens to a lot of people, and it’s helpful if you can look at relapse as a learning experience. If you can identify what caused your relapse and what you could have done differently to prevent it, you can apply that knowledge to future situations so you are able to stay sober this time around.

How Does Relapse Prevention Therapy Work?

There are four different aspects of relapse prevention therapy that are addressed during addiction treatment. These include:

  1. Identify triggers and the causes of relapse – Work closely with your therapist to analyze what triggers make you want to use substances and what circumstances place you in a vulnerable position to relapse.
  2. Learn about the signs of relapse – Relapse typically happens in three stages: an emotional relapse, mental relapse, and physical relapse. Being able to spot the signs of an emotional or mental relapse can prevent you from physically picking up a drink or a drug because you will be able to intervene with healthy behaviors.
  3. Embrace healthy coping skills that can prevent relapse – Work with your therapist to develop healthy coping mechanisms that can help you avoid relapse, especially during stressful or difficult times.
  4. Create a detailed relapse prevention plan – Come up with a relapse prevention plan that can support your individual needs. This may include a number of behavioral interventions, support groups, and even anti-craving medications.

This therapy is facilitated in both group and individual sessions. Group therapy sessions allow you to learn from the experiences of your peers and their relapses, while individual therapy can address issues unique to your situation.

Healthy Coping Skills for Relapse Prevention

Throughout relapse prevention therapy, our multidisciplinary team of addiction professionals will help you embrace a number of healthy coping skills that will help you prevent relapse. These include:

  • Stress management techniques
  • Meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises
  • Learning how to think through the negative consequences of drug use before using substances
  • Pausing and reflecting before acting on impulses
  • Confiding in a support group
  • Keeping busy or using distractions to fight off cravings
  • Planning ahead for situations that you know may be triggering

Whether this is your first time getting sober or you’ve experienced a relapse in the past, these relapse prevention skills can promote long-term recovery.

Learn How to Live Sober With the Help of Arise Treatment Center

Arise Treatment Center’s relapse prevention therapy consists of the use of medications, behavioral interventions, and peer support. Medications can eliminate the physical aspects of drug and alcohol cravings, behavioral interventions can prevent you from making poor decisions, and peer support can help you stay accountable for your recovery.

If you or a loved one are stuck in the cycle of addiction, recovery, and relapse, know that there is a way out–and we can show you how. Call now to learn more about our substance abuse treatment programs in Vista, California.


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