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Severe cases of addiction are best treated in an inpatient rehab program where you have ample time to recover from the effects of withdrawal and long-term addiction. However, mild cases of addiction may be successfully treated in an outpatient setting.

An outpatient rehab is an ideal option for people who are motivated to quit using drugs and alcohol. These programs provide people with the flexibility they need to continue working, going to school, or caring for children while they recover from the causes and effects of their addiction.

Outpatient rehab allows you to live at home and commute to a facility for treatment a certain number of times a week. These programs offer the same services as inpatient rehab on a less intensive scale. In other words, outpatient rehab is the perfect option for someone who needs a little help overcoming the effects of addiction.

Here are 6 benefits of choosing an outpatient addiction treatment center in California for your recovery.

1. Outpatient Rehab is More Affordable

Addiction treatment can become very expensive, especially if you are considering inpatient rehab. When you factor in boarding costs and the price of daily meals on top of 24/7 monitoring and care, inpatient rehab is extremely expensive. Some people do not have the means to attend a facility like this, especially when you consider that you cannot work while you are in an inpatient program.

Thankfully, outpatient rehab removes those worries. Not only can you work during outpatient rehab, but it also removes the cost of boarding and meals, making outpatient rehab a much more affordable option than inpatient rehab.

2. Treatment Fits With Your Schedule

Another significant benefit of outpatient addiction treatment in California is that treatment works around your schedule. If you suffer from addiction and want to heal, outpatient rehab can help you accomplish that without neglecting your responsibilities.

Outpatient rehab can provide you with the opportunity to continue going to work, school, or simply caring for children at home. This is because you have the power to decide:

  • How often you attend treatment
  • How long is each session
  • Who you work with
  • Which treatments you are using

3. More Privacy

When you go to inpatient rehab, you will have to take a leave of absence from work, tell your friends you may not see them for a while, and notify your family. This is because inpatient rehab requires you to live at the facility throughout the entirety of your stay. When you want to keep your addiction issues private, inpatient rehab can make this difficult.

Thankfully, outpatient rehab provides you with the ability to keep your recovery private from others. Since you do not have to stop going to work or become absent from your friends or family’s lives, it is easier to keep their recovery a secret.

4. Outpatient Rehab Provides Individualized Addiction Treatment

When a person goes to inpatient rehab, a bulk of the recovery sessions are completed in a group setting. While group counseling is extremely beneficial, sometimes sessions should be one-on-one. Outpatient rehab offers group and one-to-one services, which allows people to receive highly individualized care.

Everyone who struggles with addiction has gone through different things, and true recovery requires individualized care. Speak with an admissions coordinator today to see if outpatient rehab is right for you.

5. You Can Receive Support From Family and Friends

As you are going through an addiction recovery program, the support of your friends and family is highly important. Receiving that support can provide you with the motivation you need to continue recovering and getting better. When you go to an inpatient program, sometimes it is difficult to receive that support, as you are only allowed scheduled visits with your family.

In an outpatient program, people are allowed to live at home with their families. This provides you with ample time to receive the support they need. Additionally, many outpatient programs offer family therapy services that can help you overcome any rifts that addiction created within your family system.

6. You Can Practice What You Learn Everyday

Lastly, a major benefit of outpatient addiction treatment is the ability to practice what you learn each day. During outpatient rehab, you will learn coping mechanisms to help them overcome triggers and cravings for substance abuse. An important aspect of recovery is knowing how to apply these coping mechanisms to real-world situations.

Being a part of an outpatient rehab program in California means you will live at home while you learn coping mechanisms for recovery at the facility. You will have the opportunity to go home and practice using your coping mechanism each day, as you may face triggers once you leave the facility, giving you a better understanding of how to use their coping mechanisms in real-world situations.

Find Outpatient Addiction Treatment in California Today

If you struggle with addiction, now is the time to get help. Addiction is a terrible disease that can wreak havoc on you and your family’s life, making recovery extremely vital to improving your quality of life. Thankfully, outpatient rehab centers in California can provide you with the tools you need to recover.

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