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Recovery from addiction requires a lot of energy and dedication. People in recovery benefit from having a lot of support–including support from their families. Those in recovery with engaged, supportive family members tend to have better outcomes and higher success rates.

But how can family members be involved during your time in treatment? In most cases, family members are allowed–and encouraged–to be involved during rehab. But it’s important to understand when your treatment program will allow visitors and how family members are welcomed into the treatment process before starting your program.

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Can My Family Visit Me During Rehab?

Family involvement can be valuable in your recovery from addiction. Having family members’ support often means better communication, improved problem-solving, and decreased likelihood of relapse.

But it’s important to welcome visitors, including family members, at the right time during rehab. Many centers limit or prohibit visitors when patients are in detox. Why? Detoxification can be a physically and emotionally demanding process. As your body rids itself of drugs and alcohol, you will likely experience withdrawal symptoms. During detox, medical and support staff will monitor you and treat your withdrawal symptoms with medications and holistic therapies. Many people require a lot of rest and care during detox, so visitors are often limited.

Cravings are often an uncomfortable part of withdrawal. Many centers limit visitors during detox to keep the environment as secure as possible when you are most likely to relapse.

Many people want to stay connected to supportive loved ones during rehab, even if they cannot be together physically at that time. You’re encouraged to:

  • Write letters
  • Send e-mails
  • Make phone calls
  • Sending photos or videos

Treatment facilities may have a “blackout period” where you will not be allowed to call or speak to people outside the treatment facility. This period allows people to adjust to detox and treatment and avoid potential triggers when they’re most vulnerable.

Once your detox is complete and you have adjusted to life in rehab, you will likely be allowed to invite family members to visit you during rehab. Your family may also be encouraged to join family therapy sessions or attend workshops to learn about addiction, recovery, and how to support you as you move forward in recovery.

For more information about having family members visit during rehab, reach out to the staff at your rehab facility. Each center has its own rules about visitors, so it’s essential to check with your program before making arrangements with family or friends.

How Are Family Members Involved at Each Stage of Rehab?

Some people feel a sense of guilt, shame, anger, or sadness about their addiction or the things they did while using drugs and alcohol. Comprehensive addiction treatment addresses the underlying causes of addiction and develops new skills and habits that support lifelong recovery and sobriety. Staying connected with your family during rehab can help you work through your guilt and shame and provide support to all of your loved ones as you put substance abuse behind you.

There are many ways families can be involved during rehab. These include:

Casual visits

Your family members can come to visit you once you’ve settled into the routine of rehab. You can spend time together in the facility, or you may be allowed a pass to leave rehab for the day. This allows you to go out for meals, spend time outside or at home, or do other activities together as a family.

Family therapy sessions

Your treatment plan may include family therapy. Family members willing to join will be invited to participate in therapy sessions during sessions. With a therapist, you and your family will work to identify patterns, roles, and beliefs contributing to your addiction. You will set goals and learn new skills to work toward them. Family therapy can help the family unit learn to communicate better and move forward together.

Family workshops

Families may be invited to attend educational workshops or classes about addiction, treatment, and recovery. Treatment staff may offer these sessions to improve communication and help family members to support addicted loved ones in recovery.

Family support and involvement are key during recovery. Your treatment team will include your family as much as possible in your treatment plan when appropriate.

Can My Family Visit During Rehab, And What Are the Rules?

Your treatment team must approve all visitors. This can limit your exposure to triggers and help create good boundaries during treatment. Each treatment center will have its own set of rules around family visits. Some standard rules facilities have include:

  • Your therapist must approve visitors
  • You cannot be in contact with people who use drugs or alcohol during visits
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring substances into the treatment facility or be intoxicated during visits
  • You will have a mandatory drug screening after returning to the facility from a pass

Patients are expected to follow the rules to keep themselves and others safe and to limit their exposure to triggers during treatment.

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