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Addiction (or substance use disorder) is characterized as a progressive disease. As a disease, relapse is part of the recovery process for many people. However, not everyone has to experience a relapse. With individualized, intensive treatment and proper aftercare support, it is possible to get sober and stay sober.

Recovery is a long-term process. For many people, it is a lifelong endeavor that requires ongoing support. One of the best ways you can obtain lasting support and sobriety is by participating in an aftercare plan that is designed to support your needs and your current situation.

What is Aftercare Support?

Aftercare is a plan that is meant to support you in early recovery, prevent drug or alcohol relapse, and guide you in chasing your goals. It includes a variety of activities, interventions, tools, resources, and support services that help you cope with the challenges of early recovery.

Aftercare can also be thought of as a security blanket. It is there to not only support you in early recovery but also to minimize your risk of using drugs or alcohol in the future. For example, it can be hard to stay sober if you don’t have a structured, supportive living environment. But, one popular form of aftercare is sober living. If you stay in a sober living home, you have constant support, sober housing, and a structured living environment which can reduce your risk for relapse.

Leaving rehab and adjusting to living sober can be a difficult, tumultuous journey. Having a detailed aftercare plan in place will ensure you have the support you need to continue your sobriety after rehab.

Types of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Aftercare

Everyone has their own journey towards recovery, and no two people are the same. Your aftercare plan should be designed with your unique needs in mind. While you might benefit from living in a sober home, someone else may need to return home to their family and require support elsewhere.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of aftercare support services available. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Participating in an alumni support network
  • Living in a sober home
  • Attending 12-Step meetings and participating in the fellowship
  • Joining another non-secular recovery-based program
  • Going to individual or group counseling sessions on an outpatient basis
  • Consulting with a recovery coach or sober coach

Other planning resources that can help you prepare for life in recovery include:

  • Career counseling and support
  • Legal advice and support
  • Case management
  • Financial planning and budgeting support

Before you leave rehab, your case manager or therapist will help you work through these various topics so you have an actionable plan to move forward.

Creating an Aftercare Plan Tailored To Your Needs

Towards the end of your time in treatment, you will begin working closely with your primary therapist as well as your case manager to develop an individually-tailored aftercare plan. Your therapist will consider your current situation as well as your future needs so he or she can decide the best course of action for your continued care.

If you lack housing, your therapist or case manager will help you locate sober housing. If you plan on joining a 12-step program, they will help you create a weekly list of meeting times and locations for you to attend. Regardless of your situation, an addiction specialist will help you create an aftercare plan that supports each and every one of your needs.

As time goes on, your needs may change, but you can modify your aftercare plan accordingly.

Arise’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab Aftercare Services in Vista, California

Here at Arise Treatment Center, our unique addiction treatment program is designed to help you understand the root cause of your addiction so you can move forward with a sober, fulfilling life. However, we know that treatment doesn’t cure addiction. No matter how long you spend in rehab or how much effort you put in, recovery is a lifelong journey. That’s why our team is dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

Your contact with us doesn’t stop when you complete your treatment program. We offer a full menu of aftercare support services that can help guide you through early recovery.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, please contact us today. A compassionate admissions specialist is standing by, eager to take your call.