Frequently Asked Questions For Drug Rehab | Arise Treatment Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have An Alumni Program?
Yes, Arise Treatment Center strongly believes in aftercare support for all of our clients. We have a strong alumni network. You’re welcome to take part in events and meetings to stay connected with peers in recovery.
Do You Offer After Care?
Yes, Arise Treatment Center strongly believes in aftercare support. We offer a weekly group for past clients, along with a strong supportive alumni program.
What is Drug Rehab Like?
Drug and alcohol rehab vary based on your individual treatment plan. At Arise we make the most of your time, keeping your days full of recovery activities and reserving evenings for support groups and reflections on what you’ve learned. You will live in a comfortable, safe and supportive environment and attend treatment during the day and early evenings. Treatment may include a blend of individual and group therapy, family therapy, support groups, and alternative approaches for your health and wellness.  
Can I Smoke in Rehab?
We allow smoking in designated areas.
Why Choose ARISE Treatment Center?
Arise Treatment Center is one of the country's leading drug and alcohol rehab centers where we offer a safe, comfortable, peaceful, and supportive environment. At our inpatient residential drug rehab located in beautiful Vista, California, we go above and beyond to help you or someone you love begin treating and healing from substance abuse along with any co-occurring disorders. Here at Arise Treatment Center, our program is defined by an uncompromising pursuit of excellence that results in long-lasting sobriety and high satisfaction rates. With an emphasis on individualized personal addiction treatment plans, Arise treats addiction at its core, getting down to any underlying issues that may be fueling your addiction. Upon completion of our inpatient rehab program, you will leave with the proper tools and life skills needed to live a life free from addiction.
How Long Is Addiction Rehab?
When it comes to the treatment of addiction, there is not a one size fits all plan of care. Since addiction affects everyone differently, each person will need different approaches when it comes to their treatment program. Typical treatment begins with a 7-10 day detox program which is dependent on the substance being used, the amount being used, and the duration of use. Followed by an inpatient residential rehab program where clients live in the residential rehab center and are under the close care and supervision of our staff. This approach helps patients restore functional capacity while helping them develop continuing practices and life skills to help them stay sober.  
Why Shouldn’t I Detox On My Own?
Quitting a substance that has been abused for a long period of time can be uncomfortable and, in certain cases, deadly. Undergoing detox in a medical setting ensures you’re as safe and as comfortable as possible during the detox process.
What Types of Substances Do You Treat?
We treat all kinds of substance abuse issues including addictions to: heroin, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, prescription painkillers, marijuana, and hallucinogens.
Can Family Members Get Involved in the Treatment Process?
Yes. Family is involved throughout treatment through regular family therapy, calls, and family weekends, as clinically appropriate.
Our residential drug rehab center in Vista, California offers comprehensive individualized addiction treatment programs that help you properly treat and heal from substance abuse. Our addiction rehab center provides a safe, peaceful and structured environment where you can focus on long-term recovery.