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Our outpatient addiction treatment program is designed for people who want to continue their recovery with long-term support after finishing inpatient rehab as well as those who cannot attend a more intensive program. Everyone deserves effective, personalized treatment,  and our California outpatient treatment program for substance abuse makes treatment accessible to anyone–regardless of your schedule.

Flexible Schedules and Highly-Focused Care

Many people do not have the luxury of taking off work for 30 days or more, setting their education to the side, or leaving their families to fend for themselves in order to go to a residential drug rehab program. Like many others, you may have responsibilities and people who depend on you.

Whether you’re working a full-time job, enrolled in college to continue your education, or have kids who depend on you, outpatient addiction treatment allows you to get the treatment you deserve without asking you to step away from the important parts of your life.

Just because an outpatient drug rehab program is more flexible than an inpatient treatment program doesn’t mean it is any less effective. Outpatient rehab in Vista, California provides highly-focused and individualized care. Simply attend your group and individual therapy sessions, go to meetings, and watch how your life improves.

Group and Individual Therapy Sessions

Outpatient drug rehab is not only flexible but is also cost-effective. Rather than staying at our inpatient rehab center for the duration of your care, you only come to treatment for your scheduled group and individual therapy sessions. This allows for more freedom while still providing highly-focused, individualized care.

Group therapy sessions will focus on relapse prevention and peer support. Our outpatient addiction treatment program seeks to teach you how to handle whatever challenges come your way with confidence and grace. Group therapy allows you to discuss your struggles with like-minded individuals. These sessions provide you with a fresh perspective, self-awareness, and the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with other sober individuals.

As you grow in your recovery, your needs may change. It’s important that our team can continue to monitor your progress as you move through the early stages of recovery. Regular individual therapy sessions allow you to work closely with your therapist so he or she can modify your treatment plan according to your evolving needs.

Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

When most people think of addiction rehab, they think of a residential program where patients live and remain at the facility throughout their treatment plan. In reality, many people who recover from addiction attend outpatient programs for substance abuse.

Benefits of outpatient substance abuse treatment include:

  • A lower-cost that is covered by insurance
  • Flexibility to work around your busy schedule
  • The ability to stay in touch with your family, friends, and support network
  • An opportunity to obtain treatment and achieve recovery without putting the rest of your life to the wayside
  • Highly-focused, individualized care
  • Evidence-based therapies and services

Get The Help You Deserve At Our Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center in Vista, California

While we offer both an inpatient residential rehab program and outpatient treatment program for substance abuse, we generally recommend outpatient rehab for those who have mild addictions and are less likely to relapse. Outpatient treatment is a great option if you have already completed our inpatient program and are looking for more support or if you are unable to commit to a residential program due to work, school, or family.

Although outpatient treatment for addiction is more flexible, that doesn’t mean it is any less intensive. We customize each of our exclusive drug and alcohol treatment plans to match your unique needs. Highly-focused and individualized care delivered in an outpatient addiction treatment program can successfully help you recover without asking you to set aside the rest of your life for a residential program.

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