5 Reasons to Choose an Accredited Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Drug and alcohol addiction can alter the course of a person’s life. The effects of addiction touch every aspect of a person’s life, from their health and safety to their families and communities. Regular, heavy substance use can change how a person’s body functions, making it nearly impossible for them to stop using drugs and alcohol when they want to. People with addiction often continue to use drugs and alcohol, even as the consequences become more and more severe.

Addiction treatment programs can give people a fresh start and help them put addiction in their past. Comprehensive addiction treatment programs use a combination of therapies to address addiction’s psychological, physical, and behavioral aspects.

But not all addiction treatment programs use safe, effective treatments. It’s crucial to find an accredited program that provides high-quality care and uses treatments that have been proven to work.

So, what is an accredited drug and alcohol rehab center? Read more to learn about the benefits of choosing an accredited treatment program to support your recovery journey.

What is an Accredited Addiction Treatment Center?

An accredited treatment center is one that has been through a rigorous process to ensure it meets the strict standards of an organization that monitors healthcare programs. These organizations provide initial accreditation and ongoing oversight to ensure healthcare programs continue delivering high-quality, effective patient care.

The Joint Commission (formerly known as JCAHO) is an organization whose mission is to support healthcare organizations and provide guidelines that allow them to provide safe, equitable care. The Joint Commission also ensures that healthcare programs improve continuously and stay up-to-date on the latest standards and practices.

When a healthcare program requests Joint Commission accreditation, it must undergo ongoing evaluations and provide documentation about its programs and processes. To receive Joint Commission accreditation, the organization must prove that it follows strict standards and correct any operations that do not fall within the Joint Commission’s requirements.

Simply put, an accredited drug and alcohol rehab center has proven that it provides safe, high-quality care and services that meet the strict standards of the Joint Commission or other similar organizations.

5 Reasons to Choose an Accredited Drug Rehab in California

Many facilities in California and across the United States offer detox and drug rehab services. However, many of these centers are not accredited–meaning they have no oversight or regulation.

Here are five reasons you should choose an accredited addiction treatment center.

1. Treatment works

The most significant reason to choose an accredited drug rehab in California is that treatment works. A comprehensive addiction treatment program can give you the skills, education, and support you need to move past your addiction and into the healthier future you deserve to have. Treatment programs work in stages, often beginning with a medically-supported detox program.

After a safe, complete detox, you will go through inpatient or outpatient rehab to help you identify and heal the root causes of your substance use, learn new skills to manage challenges and setbacks, and create an aftercare program to keep you engaged in recovery for life.

Addiction treatment works–but it’s important to choose an accredited program to ensure you’re receiving safe, effective care.

2. Evidence-based treatments

Accredited addiction treatment programs use a combination of therapies to support whole-self-healing from addiction. Most of your treatment time must be spent on evidence-based treatments. Evidence-based treatments are therapies that have been proven to be effective in addiction treatment, including:

  • Medications
  • Mental health treatment
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Education
  • Skills practice

Accredited programs are required to use evidence-based treatments to support their clients’ recovery. Programs without accreditation may provide treatments that are not safe or effective or may fail to offer therapies that work well.

3. Safe, secure facilities

A drug and alcohol rehab center that earns accreditation has been through a rigorous evaluation process to ensure that the facility is clean, safe, and well-staffed. The facility must undergo regular, unannounced inspections and ongoing oversight to maintain its accredited status.

4. Trained, licensed staff

Accreditation ensures that all staff who work with patients have the education, licensure, and experience to provide addiction treatment services. Because the accreditation process is ongoing, an accredited substance abuse treatment center must continue to offer staff credentials. This process ensures that all staff have the credentials and experience they need to provide safe, effective care.

5. Insurance coverage

Many people worry about the cost of treatment. However, under the Affordable Care Act of 2010, insurance companies cover at least a portion of the expenses related to mental health and addiction treatment.

But in many cases, insurance companies are only required to cover the cost of addiction treatment from an accredited facility. Choosing an accredited drug rehab in California means that your insurance company will likely cover the cost of your treatment.

Find an Accredited Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in California

ARISE Treatment Center is accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by the California Department of Healthcare Services. Using evidence-based treatments and a holistic approach, our experienced addiction specialists are qualified to guide you through recovery every step of the way. If you or someone you love need the support of an accredited recovery facility in California, reach out to the ARISE Treatment Center staff to learn more about our programs.


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