How to Choose the Best Heroin Detox Center in California

If you’ve accepted that you need help for heroin addiction, you’ve taken a giant and courageous first step toward recovery. Next, you will need to make some decisions about where you’ll go to rehab and what kind of treatment you will receive.

Although everyone’s experience with heroin addiction is unique, the first aspect of treatment must involve detox. Heroin is physically addictive, and when you stop using it, you will experience painful symptoms of withdrawal. Heroin withdrawal is usually not life-threatening, but it is best treated under the supervision of medical professionals.

Finding the best heroin detox center in Southern California can feel overwhelming, but our team at ARISE Treatment Center can help. Please call today to speak with an admissions coordinator about our top-rated heroin detox and treatment programs.

What You Need to Know About The Heroin Detox Process

Heroin detox centers aim to keep clients safe and comfortable during the detox process. While all detox centers are unique in their philosophies and structure, most programs follow the same three-step detox process:

  1. Intake and assessment – An intake coordinator will take you through various assessments to determine the nature of your addiction, your treatment goals, and the best course of action. Once your treatment plan is developed, you’ll sign consent forms and be admitted to the facility.
  2. Medical stabilization – While under medical supervision and 24-hour care, you’ll start detoxing. The facility physician may prescribe detox medications such as Suboxone or methadone to ease your withdrawal symptoms. Healthy meals, additional medications, and supplements may be provided to promote optimal wellness. In the event of a medical emergency, staff are available to intervene.
  3. Treatment planning – Detox is only the first step toward recovery. If you want to stay sober, you can benefit immensely from behavioral therapy, peer support, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT). As a result, a team member will work with you to develop a plan for continued care before you leave the detox facility. This step ensures that you have a plan that will support your recovery.

Qualities to Look for in a Heroin Detox Center in Southern California

Where you receive treatment can dictate your recovery, and your recovery means your life, so choosing the best heroin detox center is important. When trying to make a decision, consider the following.

Licensed and Accredited

First and foremost, check that the detox center you are interested in is licensed and accredited. Heroin detox centers in California should be licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and accredited by either the Joint Commission or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Licensure and accreditation helps ensure the credibility and quality of the treatment program.

In-Network With Your Insurance

Heroin detox and addiction treatment can be expensive, and many people who enter rehab aren’t in the best financial situation. However, medical detox services are covered by insurance so long as the program is in-network with your insurance plan. As a result, you should always look for an in-network detox facility. Your insurer or an admissions counselor can verify your coverage for you.

Qualified Staff Members and Medical Professionals

During detox, your safety is the most important thing. Choosing a heroin detox center in Southern California that has qualified staff members and medical professionals on-site will help ensure your safety and well-being. A heroin detox center should have a medical doctor, an addictions specialist, multiple registered nurses, and other support staff. Additionally, inquire about staff-to-patient ratios to ensure personalized care and attention.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Options

While medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is not mandatory, it is the gold standard for treating heroin addiction. MAT usually begins in detox, when medications like Suboxone or methadone are prescribed to treat symptoms of withdrawal. Choosing a heroin detox center that offers MAT means you’ll have access to symptom-relieving medications from the very start, thereby reducing the amount of time you have to spend in the agony of withdrawal.

Facility Amenities and Environment

Consider the amenities and environment of the detox center. A comfortable and supportive environment can greatly contribute to the recovery process. Look for facilities that prioritize cleanliness, safety, and a calming atmosphere. Amenities such as private rooms, recreational spaces, and outdoor areas can enhance the overall experience and provide a positive healing environment.

Continuing Care Options

Detox is only the beginning of heroin addiction recovery. The best heroin detox centers in Southern California will have streamlined continuing care options that make it easy to transition from detox to inpatient rehab and then from inpatient rehab to outpatient rehab. Although you can attend detox at one location and treatment at another, rehab centers like ARISE that offer a full continuum of care are usually preferred for reasons related to comfort and convenience.

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