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Alcohol is a legal and widely accepted part of American culture. Most adults in the United States report drinking alcohol at least occasionally, and alcohol is available in many social settings.

While many people may incorporate occasional drinking into a healthy lifestyle, some struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol. About 29.5 million adults in the United States meet the criteria for a diagnosis of an alcohol use disorder (AUD).

Alcohol abuse and addiction are complex conditions that involve a person’s genetics, history, experiences, and physical and emotional well-being. Comprehensive treatment can allow people to identify and address the behavioral, emotional, and physical aspects of their alcohol abuse and learn the skills to move forward in sobriety.

For many, the first step of addiction recovery is receiving treatment in an alcohol detox. This article will explore what happens in an alcohol detox center near you and how to find treatment when needed. Reach out to the Arise Treatment Center Specialists to learn about our holistic treatment programs or to be connected to support at any stage of your addiction recovery journey.

What Happens During Alcohol Withdrawal?

When someone with alcohol dependency suddenly stops drinking, they are likely to experience a range of uncomfortable– and sometimes dangerous– withdrawal symptoms. While each person has their own experience during alcohol withdrawal, common alcohol withdrawal symptoms include:

  •  Elevated blood pressure
  •  Dizziness
  •  Body aches
  •  Tremors
  •  Nausea
  •  Vomiting
  •  Mood swings
  •  Agitation
  •  Insomnia

Intense cravings are also common during withdrawal and can make it very difficult to avoid relapse. Some people may develop more severe withdrawal symptoms, including seizures and hallucinations, which require immediate medical care.

The support of an alcohol detox in California can help people safely achieve a complete detox from alcohol. After completing detox, people must participate in a comprehensive treatment program that includes behavioral therapy, group support, medications, and holistic treatments.

What Happens in an Alcohol Detox in California

Each person has their own experience with alcohol addiction and detox. Individualized treatment is crucial to a person’s success in recovery. For most people, the first step of an alcohol detox in California is undergoing an intake assessment.

A doctor or addiction specialist will assess a patient’s needs during this evaluation. The evaluation typically consists of questions about the person’s alcohol intake, other substances they’ve used, their family history of substance abuse or addiction, and a complete medical and mental health history. Lab testing and a physical exam may also be included in this evaluation.

The treatment team will use this information to create an individualized plan to keep the patient safe and comfortable during detox. A detox treatment plan may include:

  •  Medications to reduce cravings and manage other withdrawal symptoms
  •  Emotional support, including individual therapy and appropriate
  •  Education about addiction recovery
  •  Nutrition support, exercise, mindfulness, and other holistic therapies to promote calm and comfort

Some treatment plans may include the use of long-acting benzodiazepines which can reduce the severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms and reduce the likelihood for complications like seizures. Doctors will slowly taper the dosage of benzos, allowing the patient’s body to adjust to sobriety gradually.

What to Look for in a California Detox Center

California is home to some of the country’s most innovative and effective addiction treatment programs. The state’s moderate climate and natural beauty provide a soothing backdrop for anyone looking for effective alcohol addiction treatments.

There are many alcohol detox programs in California, and choosing a facility that can offer the safe, high-quality care you need is important. Here are some things you can look for in a high-quality alcohol detox center near you.

Evidence-based treatment

An alcohol detox in California should offer safe, evidence-based treatments. Most of your time in the treatment program should be spent engaging in evidence-based therapies, such as behavioral therapies, medical care, and mental health treatment. Holistic therapies may be used in conjunction with evidence-based treatment, but should only be used to complement your treatment plan.

Licensed staff

All staff must be licensed to provide direct care to patients in a substance abuse treatment facility. The practitioners and specialists on staff should have the credentials and experience they need to provide high-quality, effective care and to ensure the safety of all patients in the program.

Calm environment

The facility must offer a calm, soothing environment. The facility should be clean and well-managed, and the staff-to-patient ratio must allow each patient adequate time and care as they go through the detox process.

It is important to find an alcohol detox center near you that can meet your needs and offer the type of treatment you need in a safe, secure setting. Visit the detox center or ask any questions you may have before starting treatment.

Find an Alcohol Detox Center Near You

If you or someone you love requires the support of an alcohol detox in California, you are not alone. Contact the caring team at Arise Treatment Center to learn about our comprehensive alcohol use disorder treatment programs.


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